Her Embrace

Sky Dodds

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I am not very eloquent but I'll do my best. I have been aware of child trafficking for a very long time, I've cried many tears for all the little ones and have heard stories that still haunt me today. I've met survivors and watched what trauma can do years after the abuse.....I am not saying this to sound like I was ahead of the curve, mostly that being aware of these horrors for as long as I can remember has been a burden that I felt I had to bear alone. BUT I am seeing awareness spread! And now I am thinking about all of you taking part in this movement and my heart warms that more and more people are aware and breaks for you because I know the pains you are learning and that your world is shattering. I know these conversations are hard to hear, that your heartbreaks. BUT THANK YOU thank you for being strong for not looking away and being willing to give a voice to the voiceless. After seeing so many local artists depict art and donate to help end human trafficking my heart has been so full for all these women, mothers, sisters. So this ones for you. In my piece, I depicted Heavenly Mother.I know she is aware of every child that her heart breaks with us. That she is behind the awareness spreading... the white lines are the tears, every childs, heavenly mothers yours and mine on behalf of this children. I intentionally placed her on her knees embracing the child. Level with the child full of compassion, the child buried into her finally safe. The garden is peace. The peace the savior brings. The grace he will provide for them in healing in this life or the next. I hope when you hang this in your home you remember that our Mother is aware. That the Savior is there with them. And remember your own strength that you can continue to hear the stories. Spread awareness and help heal in your way

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