Be Kind to Yourself

Sky Dodds

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Inspired by my pregnancy I am going to be creating 100 Works of art dedicated to my commitment to keeping a healthy relationship with my body during all of it's changes. Becoming a mother is such a privilege endowed by our creator and I don't want societal standards of beauty to distract me from the divinity of the process. Stretch marks and all. I hope my journey to portray the many different stories and relationships individuals have with their bodies will help you to explore and enjoy yours. 

 Epson Archival™ for our fine art prints. Fine art prints have richly saturated colors, deep dark tones, and fine light tones that look and feel like an actual watercolor or pastel painting. Fine art prints are cold-pressed creating a smooth texture and matte printed 

Note: when printing on smaller sizes pieces of the art may be cropped as the artist I attend to each photo making sure the crops feel natural.

Expect a 2 week turn around before prints are mailed.