La vie en rose

Sky Dodds

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As my body changes during pregnancy and pregnancy recovery. I wanted to dedicate 100 days to body positivity. It can be difficult to watch our bodies go through so many changes. I feel that it is important that instead of obsessing over the world's standards of beauty and the pressure to bounce back after pregnancy. I want to take these 100 days to appreciate everything my body is doing. I am already receiving messages from so many mothers women and men who feel insecure about their bodies. I want to use my art to help change the narrative, from comparison to gratitude. From self-disgust to self-love. I will be sharing originals and prints in this section! I hope there is something here that will help you! To more intimately follow my 100-day journey. Join me on Instagram @skydodds

 Epson Archival™ for our fine art prints. Fine art prints have richly saturated colors, deep dark tones, and fine light tones that look and feel like an actual watercolor or pastel painting. Fine art prints are cold-pressed creating a smooth texture and matte printed

Note: when printing on smaller sizes pieces of the art may be cropped as the artist I attend to each photo making sure the crops feel natural.