Ministering Angel

Sky Dodds

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I felt inspired to capture the intrinsic aspects of relationships along our journey. Although salvation and our relationship with God and the Savior are personal matters, we all need to help and be helped along the way. We all have moments where we are stalled in our progression. Needing assistance. Someone who's testimony or "grip" may be strong enough to lift us. Originally I was going to place the Savior helping her back up. However, I remembered the call The Church of Jesus Christ gave it's disciples to be ministering angels. We need to keep a constant reminder that we are His Hands, His helping hands. This painting is a reminder of that call. A reminder to have our testimonies in place so that when one of our brothers or sisters collapses to their knees overcome by the storms of life we can reach out.

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Note: when printing on smaller sizes pieces of the art may be cropped as the artist I attend to each photo making sure the crops feel natural.