One Mans Return

Sky Dodds

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11x14 Oil on Wood -

When I read Lehi’s dream and try to visualize the whole scene I get lost in the abstractions of the vision. I decided to focus on the individual. Placing myself in the dream. I think we can see ourselves in various aspects of the vision at different periods in our lives. We have moments where we are clinging tightly to the rod. Other times we may find ourselves judging from great heights, and if only briefly we may find ourselves lost in the mist. Questioning. Doubting. Fearful. My piece depicts an individual who has let go of the rod and his moment of return. A snapshot of one man's renewed faith. In his expression there is a moment of hesitation. The reason for hesitation? Maybe something similar to the hesitations you may have felt after returning to church. Laying down an addiction. Hesitation in wondering if you really can forgive…. or that you really can be forgiven. But why did he let go? It’s not for us to know or judge, it's for us to ponder. Ponder our own position in the vision are we  leaving? Returning? Judging? Hesitant? Wherever you are...have faith. With faith comes hope and possibilities.